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Central Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League

Zachary "Blaz" Blaszynski: A True Embodiment of the Justin Yingling Award

The Central Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League (CPIHL) annually presents the Justin Yingling Award, a tribute to Justin Yingling's remarkable contributions as both a player and coach within the league. This prestigious award annually recognizes a senior CPIHL player who demonstrates exceptional dedication, performance, and a commitment to excellence, mirroring Yingling's legacy both on and off the ice.

The recipient, nominated by coaches and selected by the CPIHL Award Committee, will be one who stands out for their unparalleled dedication and achievements. Among the nominees this year is Zachary Blaszynski, affectionately known to his team as "Blaz," a senior player from the Palmyra Cougars who epitomizes the essence of this award.

Blaz's journey with the Palmyra Cougars, starting from middle school, is a testament to his growth and unwavering commitment. His evolution into a player who is relied upon in crucial moments of the game, coupled with his leadership qualities, has earned him the captaincy and the respect of his team. Beyond his athletic prowess, Blaz's character shines through his positive influence in the locker room, his open-minded approach to game strategies, and his constant quest for improvement.

His dedication extends beyond the rink; Blaz is a role model in academics and his personal life, embodying the spirit of the award. His work ethic, team-first attitude, and ability to inspire his peers are precisely what the Justin Yingling Award celebrates.

As the CPIHL prepares to honor this year's nominees at the Hersheypark Arena on CPIHL Championship Night, Blaz stands as a leading contender. His nomination is a reflection of his exemplary dedication, performance, and pursuit of excellence, making him a fitting tribute to Justin Yingling's memory. 

Blaz's story is a beacon of what it means to be a student-athlete in the truest sense, making him not only a proud representative of the Palmyra Cougars but of the CPIHL at large. As the community gathers to celebrate this year's nominees, it's clear that the legacy of Justin Yingling lives on through players like Blaz, who continue to set new standards of excellence on and off the ice.

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